Invacare CS7 Wide Deck

The CS7 Wide Deck bed incorporates the same innovative features as the CS7 with a 42” wide mattress support

Wider deck/mattress support At 42” in comparison to the standard 36”, the wider deck is prepared for larger residents while also increasing comfort

Height adjustable between 17-75cm Lowering to 17cm from the floor, the CS7 is low enough to the floor to help minimise injuries sustained when falling out of bed

Safe Working Load of 226kg With a SWL of 226kg, the CS7 Wide Deck is a bed highly suitable for larger residents

Auto-Contour that simultaneously raises both head and knees This not only assists in comfort and positioning, but also helps reduce painful skin shearing

Tough and durable hand control pendant A rugged, water-resistant pendant with fewer recessed areas is easy to clean and very intuitive for the resident to use