Tradition, innovation, vision.
The Invacare® TDX® SC wheelchair, also built on the successful Invacare® TDX® SP platform, features 10” drive tires, U1 batteries and 2 pole motors. The TDX® SC wheelchair is an extension of the TDX® SP family and continues to offer the distinguishing features of Enhanced Invacare® SureStep®

Suspension, Quiet Stability Lock, contemporary aesthetics and wider rear caster spacing for easy interfacing with aftermarket docking devices. The TDX® SC wheelchair offers a variety of seating options including an adjustable rehab seat, a van seat, Invacare® Formula™CG Powered Tilt and Powered Elevating Seat.

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Invacare® TDX® SC
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Technical specification


Invacare® TDX® SC
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