Aquatec Ocean Dual-Vip

The Aquatec®

■ Seat tilt can be individually adjusted (tilt angle 0° - 35°)
■ Two additional stainless steel gas springs to lower the backrest (recline angle 10° - 50°)
■ Second operating lever with safety lock to lower the backrest
■ Particularly stable even at maximum tilt angle, anti-tippers included
■ Machine-washable adjustable backrest with quick-release buckles - can be adjusted to the user Options and features

The Ocean Dual Vip is available as follows:

■ Standard version with castors
■ The Ocean Vip can be retrofitted with reclining backrests for the Ocean Dual Vip and be fitted with anti-tippers
■ The Ocean Dual Vip can be retrofitted with XL armrestsOcean E-VIP is an electrically height adjustable multi-purpose shower commode /hygiene chair, designed to provide a comfortable working environment for the carer and patient. Its unique electrics and reclining seat angle provide access to even the most passive patients while eliminating strain on the carer and assisting in the prevention of back injury. The Ocean E-VIP can be used in a variety of situations such as hair washing, podiatry, wound dressing and toileting.

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Invacare Aqua Tec Ocean Vip
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Technical specification

Invacare Aqua Tec Ocean Vip specs